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Who we are

As a cloud computing service provider, Butida Innovations improves human productivity and organizational processes in the workplace by delivering a broad range of business applications over the Internet.


Go Confidently to the Cloud

We know that many enterprises and organisations have adopted and are seeing the benefits of cloud solutions, however, it is often confusing as to which solution is right for your business.


Go mobile, get more customers!

Why Going Mobile Is Vital For Businesses is simply the fact that more and more people now own smartphones and tablets and connect to the internet using these devices.


FEATURED advantages of our Corporate Email Branding

Corporate email branding is more than just bringing aesthetic value to your email, because it enhances your email communication by supplying you with intelligent mailbox features. All emails are vying for attention within your inbox and with intelligent components you can transform your outgoing emails into a valuable marketing medium.

  • Affix your corporate logo within pre-designed templates
  • Upload new banners daily, weekly and monthly with web-based management console
  • Standardise and unify external presentation and user signatures throughout the organisation
  • Enforce mandatory company information (privacy policies legal, email usage policies)
  • Direct the recipients to your corporate website and/or other http pages
  • Keep clients informed of current or future promotions with banners and links
  • Obtain detailed analysis of email campaigns with statistics and customised reports

Welcome to Butida Innovations

Enhancing Expression and Communication


We can help you move to the cloud with confidence. Improve your defenses and reduce risk with security solutions for and from the cloud.


Given the rise in mobile web usage year in year out, there is now an increased focus on making applications more mobile responsive, adaptive and user-friendly.


Free support is open to all our platform users, whether they are evaluating a product or have paid for a license. To use our support, visit our support forums.


To make sure you're protected by the latest software updates, provider can automatically update when a new version is available for the platform.

Our Clientele

A completely reimagined layout, design, and content structure for this custom-built media showcase website of one of the most proficient and experienced at all levels of visual media production companies in all…
We crafted an all-new, 100% custom design for this Uganda, Tour & Travel Company. The final, custom, approved design seen here combines subtle texture, plain design, and pops of green…
One of Uganda’s Human Resource Management companies that specialising in the provision of reliable, readily available and sustainable personnel, who are highly trained and experienced in the provision of numerous…
LH is a shipping, freight and customs clearing agency based in Uganda, East Africa. A simple custom design for a new logistics project of a new player and looking to…